Summer portrait project

As a change to the advertised service, I am doing some portraits of people who live on the mooring.

Yes, my life has alteredĀ  slightly. I am now living on a narrowboat on the Regent’s Canal in London. It is a life of bilge pumps, macerator loos, failed radiator hoses, and being able to cycle to work in twenty minutes and walk to work in 35. I hear coots bickering outside my window, watch the boys from the estate opposite throw eggs at people, and am awoken at three am by a duck landing on the roof.

Here are some of the people who live in the other boats, drawn by me in July.

Mooring portraits 3 - signed
Mooring portraits 3 – Kev
Mooring portraits 2
Mooring portraits 2 – Guillaume
Mooring portraits 1
Mooring portraits 1 – Demelza and Monty